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Role of a Community Visitor

Community Visitors are trained volunteers who work in pairs to visit and inspect mental health or state-run disability services.  During visits and inspections, Community Visitors speak and engage with as many clients as possible to hear their views, ideas, feedback and experiences about the service and their care.

Community Visitors may also advocate for a client regarding their care and treatment.  With client consent, Community Visitors first communicate any issues to staff at the service to try and resolve matters. They also provide the Principal Community Visitor with a written report on their visit.

Reports cover whether clients:

  • have a plan of care and support in place and have been involved in its development;
  • are being treated with dignity and respect;
  • are receiving responsive and appropriate services for their needs;
  • are supported in facilities that meet required standards and their needs.

Learn about the Community Visitor Scheme and the role of a Community Visitor volunteer from Anne Burgess AM, Chair, Community Visitor Scheme Advisory Committee.

Community Visitor Role Description

If you’re considering becoming a volunteer, please read the role description to ensure you meet the criteria to join the Community Visitor Scheme.

Role Description (PDF 1.2 MB)

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