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Community Visitor Scheme

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About us

The Community Visitor Scheme aims to protect the rights of people living with disability or mental illness who are:

  • receiving care in a mental health treatment centre
  • attending a community mental health facility
  • living in state-run disability accommodation
  • living in a Support Residential Facility (SRF)

Community Visitors visit and inspect facilities and provide advocacy and support to the people there.

The Principal Community Visitor and Community Visitors are independent statutory officers. Their independence is vital to the Scheme. Clients, carers and family members can speak freely to them, knowing they are not attached to service providers.

The legislative framework for the Community Visitor Scheme comes from The South Australian Mental Health Act 2009 and the Disability Services (Community Visitor Scheme) Regulations 2013.

Relevant legislation

You can read the legislation relevant to the Community Visitor Scheme on other websites: