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Community Visitor Scheme

Community Visitor Scheme


The Community Visitor Scheme produces:

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The Advocate is a twice yearly newsletter aimed at ensuring our key stakeholders are kept up to date with significant issues, policy work and good news stories as a result of work done by the Community Visitor Scheme.

2018 Year

The Advocate 4th Edition May 2018

2017 Year

The Advocate 3rd Edition December 2017

The Advocate 2nd Edition (PDF 471.7 KB)

2016 Year

The Advocate 1st Edition (PDF 982.0 KB)


Maurice Corcoran receives Lesley Hall Leadership Award  

Maurice Corcoran has been an advocate for people with disability for more than 30 years ...  Read more

State initiatives helps mental health patients

Riverlanders are being encouraged to be part of improving local mental health services by ... Read more


Community Visitor Scheme Information Brochure DL

The Community Visitor Scheme plays an important role in ensuring that care within facilities across South Australia meet specific Standards. The core objectives of the Community Visitor Scheme are to ...

View Information Brochure DL

Volunteering with the Community Visitor Scheme Brochure DL

Studies have shown that being a volunteer brings many health and wellbeing gains including lowering mortality rate, reducing symptoms of chronic pain or  ...

View Volunteering Brochure DL

Community Visitor Scheme Mental Health Poster A3, A4, or A5

Community Visitors are independent volunteers appointed to visit mental health treatment centres each month to carry out visits and inspections of services ....

View Mental Health Poster

Community Visitor Scheme Disability Poster A3, A4, or A5

Community Visitors are independent volunteers appointed to visit and talk in confidence with residents of disability houses/accommodation.  They can visit you ...

View Disability Poster

Volunteering with the Community Visitor Scheme Poster A3

The Community Visitor Scheme is seeking volunteers who are passionate about protecting the rights of people with a mental illness or disability and improving ...

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Principal Community Visitor Annual Report (Mental Health Services) 2016-17

The purpose of the Community Visitor Scheme is to protect the rights of people with a mental illness  ...

View Mental Health Services Annual Report

Principal Community Visitor Annual Report (Disability Services) 2016-17

The functions of Community Visitors in the context of Disability Services, cover inspections of supported accommodation to ensure compliance ...

View Disability Services Annual Report